Sunday, March 12, 2017

Winter Hawks

Winter exposes the hawks to our sight. As I was walking around Lake Newport yesterday I saw something jumping from the ground leaping upward. I thought perhaps it was a dog, but as we, my dog and I, got closer we saw the form on top of the wall--a large bird, a hawk it became clear as we walked toward it. The hawk then flew over to a nearby tree (see inside the circle below).  As I was taking the picture on my iPhone, I looked away to fiddle with something and when I looked up, I thought he had flown off, but then I looked closer and he was still there blended with the brown tree branches and black shadows. 

Then he flew to a nearby tree where I could catch his profile. 

And after a bit, either in annoyance with us or with not finding prey, he flew off toward the lake. 

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