Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Fragrance of Spring

Yesterday, as I was walking my dog (see above), I noticed a row of bushes with these gorgeous flowers, kind of white, pink, and red. I don't know what this flower is, but the smell was exquisite.
Today, after spring rains, the weather warmed and you could smell the earth again, at long last after the hardened soil of the winter. Is there any smell sweeter than spring earth after rain when the ground and trees are alive with green again? All these gifts.  The flowers were turning into berries, making them white and red, reading pink, with heady, heavy perfume. Grace.


Anonymous said...

Not sure, but I think it is a Korean Spice virburnum.


Linda said...

Thank you, Anonymous. The scent was unbelievable. And I loved how the the little flowers were in the process of turning into berries. Would be fun to do a time lapse of that.