Sunday, October 26, 2014

Home Again

A Grand Vista and Remembrances

My daughter took me on a tour of the hill country south of Austin, Tx, and we drove the Devil's Backbone, known for its scenic views. It was a slightly cast-over day and in the late afternoon when we stopped at this view of the canyon that holds the Canyon Lake, and here is what we saw.

To one side were memorials for deceased loved ones that people had created and put along the fence, looking to the northeast.

I don't know the story of this memorial. Since some crosses lashed to the fence were also for pets, it seemed clear that the people, of all different ages and origins, had not died here; this was not a highway memorial. Perhaps their ashes had been scattered here. The inscriptions told of the bittersweet loss of those we love, our pain mixed with the joy of having had them and our deep gratitude and reverence for their life.



Peaceful Views in Texas

Had a wonderful visit to big sky country in Georgetown, Texas, with my daughter and her husband, and their puppy Carl and cat Olive. This was my peaceful view each morning as I lazed in bed.

Others seemed to like it, too.