Sunday, February 26, 2017

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Winter Tangles

Exposed in winter are the tangles of the vines, at least in Virginia, that make walking outside of paths difficult in my town's many forest pockets. The birds and animals find shelter in them.

Part of an overgrowth of pine trees bending toward the ground in a canopy over the path. 

A brown carpet soon to be green. 

Bird sanctuary--a 12-foot-tall tangle of old wood and large vines. 

Giant bushes and vines all wrapped around each other. In the fall bittersweet hangs down from a nearby tree whose branches are covered with vines.

So thick it almost creates an impenetrable shelter. Rabbits come out from these bushes in the early evening, scampering in grassy areas, their cottontail tails bouncing in the twilight.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


One reason I like winter is that with all the leaves stripped, we see the trees in a new and exciting way--we see their delicately graceful structures. Here is one such lacey specimen framed by the clouds around it. The sky is often gray in winter and often dramatic. The sun struggles against the grayness and peeks out in ways we never expect. We think it is a gray, gray day looking straight ahead, but if we look up, the interaction of the clouds, wind, and sun bring us beauty. I secretly felt as if the beautiful tendrils of the tree had been framed so perfectly by the clouds, with the light of sun streaking across the right, just for me. That's not true, I know, but so often when I look up on a walk or in in the car, I see the unexpected and beautiful.