Saturday, January 27, 2018

"In their steady change and alteration..."

"Look at the heavens and the earth: in their steady change and alteration they proclaim that they were made, and their very existence is itself the voice with which they speak. It was you, O Lord, who created them."
                                                             Saint Augustine, Confessions


Saturday, January 13, 2018

Light the Fifth Dimension?

Light seems to transform everything in its wake and its reflections create completely different qualities of air and sense. When I go outside, my eye is looking for the light--the shine, the diamond in the rough. When I went outside today, I wanted to capture how shiny the holly tree was--the first tree of the two in the middle of the photo. It looked as if all the tips of the leaves had been dipped in bright silver, an effect the iphone camera buried although it caught the tree's symmetrical shadow.

I moved closer, hoping that might help, and here's what happened.

The sun and its reflection from the camera created a green arc in the camera's eye, although not actually on the ground or not that my eyes could see on the ground.

Here the sun transforms an interior scene. One can see from this photo--of objects on a table bathed in oblique sunlight coming in from an unseen window to the right with open blinds--why impressionists, who wanted to paint light, wound up breaking the surface of objects and hence the paint surface.  Striated sunlight makes objects a bit jumpy.