Sunday, May 31, 2009

Knitting Wedding Washclothes

Here I am...knitting in the park.

I used to knit when I was in college, and made a yellow and orange striped afghan (I was very into orange and yellow) and a teal lace shawl. I used to sit there in political meetings protesting whatever and knit.... Then I stopped knitting. But knitting, like hand sewing, is very relaxing, and I decided to take it up again to knit some scarves as Christmas gifts. I find it extremely beneficial when I am so tired from work that I can hardly move, but I can knit, so that while I try to recuperate, I can at least be a bit productive. So far, I have tried only simple things, not yet up to making lacey shawls, and definitely not into making sweaters, as my grandmother and mother did. But I have made some scarves and these wedding washcloths.

Wedding Washcloths, pattern compliments of Purlbee.

There are tons of fun patterns for washcloths on the Internet, but I chose this very simple one. AI've made wedding washcloths for two lovely young women--the daughter and daughter-in-law of a close friend--who have recently married. I find myself doing rework whenever necessary, since a mistake creates an alternative pattern and is seen as a flaw immediately. Purlbee supplies nice patterns for scarves and simple stitches and ways to get practice and self-confidence to maybe go onto the next step, as I hope to someday.

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Anonymous said...

You may want to try knitting socks. According to my Aunt Maggie, they are very easy to make and are lovely gifts. She has made me several pairs of multi-colored heavy wool socks, and I think of her every time I put them on to keep my feet warm in the winter.