Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Speaking of Geraniums, What About Sweden?

Carl Larsson's living room--that's a line of pink geraniums in the window.

Whenever I think of geraniums in the window, I also think of Sweden. The photo shows Carl Larrsson's living room, a room I fell in love with when I first saw it in the May 1988 issue of House Beautiful, which was dedicated to Scandinavian country style. I love Swedish interior decorating. I find the Swedes have a genius for beauty through simplicity. Perhaps it is because their environment is dark for so many hours during half the year, that their homes radiate with light and a lightness of spirit that is immediately calming. I also love their reliance on the combination of whites and pastels and the way in which they use color so deftly as an accent. Nothing assaults the eye or the person--nothing grabs you but the totality of a very inviting room. It is uncluttered without being cold, and elegant but affordable.

About a year ago I came across a Swedish blog, called Min Lilla Veranda, with photos from a family's home. I especially loved the Christmas decorations, which centered on greens and white candles--lots of them. One day I decided to check out the blogs listed on Min Lilla Veranda and came across a cornucopia of beautiful blogs created by Swedish women about their homes. Now I have a list of these blogs that I check in all the time, and pull down all kinds of ideas. These ladies have a wonderful knack for taking simple elements and arranging them with artistry and imagination. And they love geraniums.

From Elin's Stuga

Also from Elin's Stuga.

From Guldkant Pa Livet

From Lantliv, Smultronstallen and Loggbokens Recept

From Mias Landliv (in English)

From White Season.

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