Monday, September 21, 2009

Beaver Falls Tenement 1940

This picture from Shorpy is captioned: "January 1940. 'Family living in a 'crackerbox' slum tenement in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.'" The family is poor and the bedding is threadbare, but the room is clean. The man we see reflected in the mirror wears a tie. This is a poor family but not one lacking in hope or dignity.

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Nan said...

Thank you for posting this with the link to Shorpy. What a site that is!! Great, great pictures. You're right about this one. At least they had a room, a dresser, a bed, and a crib. Not even 'at least' - these make them rich compared to some. Remember the Jackie Gleason show? That apartment would be thought almost a slum today, wouldn't it?