Friday, December 10, 2010

Welcome Back, Mr. Milkman!!

Some of you may remember my disgruntled post of a while back titled: "Where's the Milkman?" I noted that my mother, a suburban stay-at-home mom, had practically a parade coming to her own home every week: the milkman, the bread man, and the egg man, and that now, when many wives and mothers are working, this is the kind of service we need more than ever, but it's not there!

Now, I am happy to report I have a milkman! I was driving down the street where I live in northern Virginia about two months ago, and I saw a big truck in front of me, which said "South Mountain Creamery -- Milk Delivery." What! I noted the url on the truck and raced to the Web as soon as I got home to look it up.

Sure enough, some smart folks in rural Maryland are delivering milk and other necessities to your doorstep once a week. You can go online to change your order or to skip deliveries if you are going out of town. Along with milk, eggs, and bread,South Creamery delivers local jams and preserves and other condiments, their own yogurt and assorted dairy products, bacon and meats, and other specialties. The prices and the delivery charge are all reasonable.

I signed up for a weekly delivery of a quart of skim milk (IN GLASS BOTTLES--hurray!), a loaf of honey wheat bread, and a dozen eggs. This week, I also ordered some jam. They come every Friday, and I just set my cooler outside.
I hate going to the food store, and I figure that in a pinch I can scramble up a repast with these items. Thank you so much, South Mountain Creamery, which is getting busier by the week.

In today's delivery I also received a Season's Greeting card, signed by the owner and underneath, it read:

Mr. Milkman, welcome back!


Merisi said...

How wonderful that you can get this service!

I was lucky enough to have organic (frozen) meat delivered from a farm in Chantilly, until Whole Foods put them out of business. Our first home in DC came with an old metal milk box.

Val said...

How fun! I would love to have a milkman.