Thursday, April 14, 2011

Welcome Back Lace!

Chantilly Lace

I love lace, so I was happy to hear from the Wall Street Journal that lace has made a comeback on the runway for spring and fall. The Journal shows how lace is still made today after decades of its virtual disappearance from the fashion world. I hope a revival of this ancient art can be sustained. As the Journal slideshow indicates, lace can be transformed for edginess. But to me there's nothing more feminine than lace. I wonder if its return signals a subterranean longing in women for clothes that are more feminine and less oriented toward the office.

A turn-of-the century beauty in Irish lace

An Oleg Cassini wedding gown circa 2003

A lace mantilla

My mother at her second wedding in a dress she designed herself as a December bride--light green taffeta with a lace overlay and a dark green velvet sash, 1957.


Farrah said...

My husband loves lace. Your Mom looked lovely and happy! Have an awesome weekend!

Linda said...

Thanks for kind comment, Farrah. My mother's marriage was a happy one. Hope you escape the rain this weekend.

Elizabeth said...

Your mom did look lovely in her lace dress.

I love lace, but never knew until I saw your sample exactly what Chantilly lace was -- even though I've heard that phrase a lot.

I love lacy things. I love how mature women in the late Victorian era and the Edwardian era were able to wear lace in their later years and still look so age-appropriate and dignified. I'm of an age when lace can look a little "old lady" on me, even though I do love it.

Bring back the lace.

Mandisa Chesser said...

I absolutely LOVE lace. I've never even noticed that it went out of syle because I have always used/worn it over the years...and I still do! I love lace clothing, lace curtains, tablecloths and basically anything that can be made with lace. Thank you for this wonderful post.

God Bless