Sunday, May 8, 2011

Every Human Life Has Meaning

This video was shown to my daughter's pediatric nursing class at the University of Pennsylvania to highlight the way in which medicine is fighting to prolong the life of newborns with disorders and other problems. Among other benefits, the fight to save an apparently doomed infant can lead to breakthroughs in care practices that can be incorporated into protocols and to new insights into the disease that can contribute to finding a cure.


Laurel said...

I first viewed this touching video before my daughter gave birth to her stillborn daughter at 8 months. She also had Trisomy 18. It's rare that they live through delivery for any amount of time. All life is precious and I am proud of my daughter and her husband for deciding five months before Maisie's due date that they would give her as much of an opportunity for life as they could, even if it was only for the 8 months in the womb.

Linda said...

Dear Laurel,
Thank you for your comment. I admire the courage and love of your daughter and her husband. It must have been extremely difficult for your daughter, but it shows her enormous capacity to love. All the best, Linda