Monday, December 12, 2011

Restraining Myself in Advent

(Compliments of Anxious Moments)

Here in the great season of Advent I am trying to observe this time of penitence. This means to understand that the Christmas season does not begin until Christmas Eve, lasting through Epiphany to January 6--the 12 days of Christmas. In the meantime, we scrub our hearts and our homes as preparation for the birth of Christ. Since I do my Christmas shopping all year long, I do not have to join the commercialized Christmas frenzy. Inside I have an Advent wreath and candles. And instead of preemptive rejoicing and stringing white lights along the bushes in the front yard, as in other years, I have placed only the candles in the windows--a traditional signal of welcoming to the Lord, the true Light in the darkness. On December 24, I will string my lights outside and trim the tree. I can hardly wait...for Christmas.


lifeonthecutoff said...

A sometimes hoverer, I just wanted to stop in and tell you that I enjoy your blog and that I am especially appreciating your Advent posts.

While we do put up our tree and decorations before the 24th, we don't start until the week or so before, and it unfolds, gently, onto Christmas Eve. We are one of the few people around our parts who keep our tree up after New Year's Day. As our daughters used to phrase it when they were little, until the "wise guys" come.

I love Advent and the hope it brings. I love the 12 days of Christmas for the hope that has come. Thank you for your loveliness here.

Linda said...

Thank you, lifeonthecuf, for your kind comment. We feel the same way about Advent. God bless you and your family in this holy season.