Friday, July 6, 2012

Even the Poor Squirrels Are Prostrate in the Heat

Hello, everyone, the exigencies of work have kept me away from Gables, and I hope I can begin to compensate, for the missing of it. Here this squirrel, who is no stranger, jumped on the fence and after looking about--at Cally, the rat terrier on the premises who is the sentinel of the backyard--felt safe enough to simply plotz, limb by limb and lastly his head. He's looking directly at me as I hold out my camera to take the photo without his becoming so frightened he flees. I suppose he has been running around all day in this 98-degree weather, with the humidity so high one can scarcely breathe. I left some water in a saucer for him on the fence, but he scampered away when I opened the door to put it there. I hope he comes back and can be refreshed a bit.  

All creatures great and small, the Lord God made us all.

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Jodi said...

This is what my chickens looked like the other day. We had to hose them down gently. First time I saw a happy, wet hen.