Sunday, November 2, 2008

Apple Season

Apples and Flowersby Pierre-August Renoir


by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Apple cobbler, apple-cake,
Apple sauce and apple pie—
No one can resist their taste,
Or pass an apple dumpling by!

Cinnamon and powdered clove,
Grated nutmeg, sugar, crumbs,
Make apple Betty fit for kings,
And sweet as sugar-plums!

Apples by the bushel box—
Everyone can help himself,
Children never beg for sweets,
With apples handy on the shelf.

When Eve put her white hand forth
And picked an apple from a tree,
She helped all housewives’ menus out,
And planned six months’ dessert for me!


Paz said...

Oh, I love this painting and wonderful poem. Now I have to go look for some apples. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks to the poet for reminding us of the gift represented by each of the smallest details of our beautiful created universe,even as we acknowledge the Fall.